Sunday, December 28, 2008

Underground Shopping

So, my director's, who are now two of my dearest friends, took me shopping in Jeju City, and, well, down I go!
Yup...I had no idea what was going on until I saw Juno walking down the steps. "Where are you going," I shouted. Then looked up at the sign that said, "Jungang Underground Shopping Center," with confusion set in my eyes I look over to Yuree she grins, "lets go shopping." I was delighted, I haven't been shopping for clothes and SHOES since I got here. And to my amazement there was a plethora of shops, shoes, and cosmetics =)
The prices were comparable to home, but Yuree informed me that buying online is so much cheaper. Of course that didn't stop me from spending my money, cautiously no doubt! There was great threads, and new and different style shoes. I didn't purchase any shoes, but I did grab a boys brightly colored flannel style button down, great for all seasons. Amongst other stuff, I was in one of my heavens, haha.
Juno left, bored out of his mind from "women" shopping, so Yuree and I continued. We left the underground shopping center, and headed out to the streets of Jeju City. My mind filled with ideas of new styles, colors and forms. If you can't tell I have a love, and I think a certain eye for things. Yuree said "you need to go to Seoul," I responded with a look of certainty, "I know."
We then relaxed at a coffee shop, and enjoyed our cappuccino's.
PS-sorry for no pick of the inside I was enjoying myself too much!

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