Saturday, December 13, 2008

It's good to be free...

...and that it is! I was shopping for a journal to begin writing my book, I mean I had scraps of paper and stories on the computer, but I needed to write!!! I found this quote on a journal in a store below the school I teach, and was moved by the script I had to take a picture. Though there should be an "s" after the word thing, lol, it still made an impression (by the way I couldn't buy this particular journal b/c of the missing S, it would have killed me)!
When I read it it brought a smile to my face. I felt like I was floating, not in a lost way but in a conscious happy movement.

This happening did not come easy nor was it meant to be.
It is very difficult "to be free" when you are fighting inside yourself and not aware of it. Once you surrender to your inner workings, you can learn to work with what's going on.

It is our job is to listen and to feel. God...a higher power..or whatever it is you believe in flows through you, through our hearts and out into everything.

Now I am here, a place, within myself, that once seemed so far away. I am so happy now, and have so much to experience, understand, and listen to! I listened to my heart, and now, and forever, I will be in service to it and to humanity.

Peace & Love, and safe journeys...

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