Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Fix Up

Just to clear something up...

A kind gentleman from the Rhymes with Jeju Yahoo forum group, explained to me that the some vegetables sold at the market are not "organic," but that there is a growing!

He stated that the "Korean word for "organically grown" as we understandit in the West is "yugi nong" (pronounced yoogee and theo in nong is long not short as in the English word song).You can point and ask "yugi nong?" and the sellers willusually be honest and say no if it isn't. They might knowanother seller in the market who does not use chemicals."

He also stated that "some fish in these markets are from the open ocean (someeven caught on hooks), but much of what you see sold come from aquaculture."

So in the scheme of things, we wouldn't neccassarily call it organic, but like my informative said we can always ask!!!

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Jim Saunders said...

Awesome, you got the comments permissions changed!

So I basically want to point out a few stories we've ran that have an organic tinge:

First off, Jenie Hahn's roundup of organic restaurants in the area: http://jejulife.net/2008/10/19/vegetarian-restaurants-by-jenie-hahn-jeju-south-korea/

And a long time ago, last year. The Greenville Organic stores: