Thursday, July 16, 2009


A solid week of conversations, laughs, funny stories, and good times; I cannot be anything but grateful for the computer gifted folks, without them there would be no Skype. A tool, in which is necessary if you’re an independent traveler or liver, who is amicably attached to family and friends.

As a teacher here, you have good days and not so good days. Days where you just want to pass out, literally right after work, ring your kids necks, or get pumped with excitement for a well taught day. There is no negating the fact that kids, of all ages, are a lot to handle, and serve as energy suckers. So with that being out in the open, no matter how strong willed you are, it is always comforting to have the one’s you love give you a boost. Thus, my appreciation for Skype; having the ability to see the faces, here the voices, watch the laughs and the movements behind every story is inestimable. And can honestly transport strength and happiness right back into you.

It got to me thinking about attachment, or attachment love.

Helen Fisher says its “scientific and chemical,” Rumi marks it in poetry, Shakespeare makes it feel existential and larger than life. But I shutter to think of all these facets of attachment love. Is it chemicals in the brain, emotional feelings, energy transmission? Or do they all work together?

Here’s a bit of a less philosophical disposition:
When I am home and in my surroundings or my comfort zone I feel less gratitude and only need brief interludes of this intense gratifying feeling. Obviously we should always be grateful, but when something is there all the time we become immune or desensitized to it. And now being away from it all, I love it, I appreciate much more, and can’t wait to have it in my life; even if it’s through an electrical computer screen.

And though I feel all of this, when my time is up here in SK, there is no need or want to go back to my world I so love, why? Maybe I was born a free spirit and it took me a while or a movement to realize it. Maybe I’m a loner who only wants pieces of the cake? Or perhaps it could be just right. It could be that I am happy and followed my heart, and the faces and voices that can come with bad and good news, is just all I need to feel part of the pack. We are naturally pack animals, communal beings that thrive off each other, but to think about being the “norm of society” seems to go against the grain of who I am. There is no need for me to rebel, but just follow my heart.
When we are far away, or traveling for a long time, the need to have portions of that attachment or bond from family, friends and partners is, in some form, a feeling of reassurance; well for me, at least. The feeling of reconnecting is a remembrance of the first time you feel you fell in love, it’s that intense.

It is noted that when we are constantly surrounded by all of this, we have a higher percentage of taking it for granted. So with all of my thoughts laid in bare on the table, this is a entry to remind you that know matter where you are, or how much you are “surrounded” never take for granted or not appreciate your loved one’s; those that love you unconditionally are the people who will make you who you are. The folks that will forever live with you, in your heart, and never let you forget that you are loved. And they will, in some format, support your decisions even if it means saying “goodbye.”

Never forget to listen to what makes you happy, because when you forget to listen to that and get consumed you will forever be lost, and no matter how much you’re loved you will always take it for granted. When you are happy and true, those who love you feel the same. Sending out this positive cycle, can one day help the understanding and true growth of love.

Safe journeys,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Inspiration through music...Fever Ray "When I grow up"

Jeju Museum of Art

It opened June 26th, and a beauty it is. As you walk towards the museum it looks as though it is floating due to the great visual effect of the water. Within the water are art pieces, a tree and rocks covered by with aluminum (if you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can see the art work more clearly) designed by the artist Seo Sung-bong called "Embracing W01."
Inside has two floors and consists of creative contemporary art exhibitions, fine art sculptures and paintings, a world children's eco art festival work, and an artist by the name of Chang Lee-suok with paintings of an "Artist Being Like The Sea." His paintings consist of rough deep strokes of all colors representing the sea, nature and the Haenyo (women divers who are a famous on the island).
The museum has a coffee shop, with very kind baristas, and a shopping section.
The first picture is a side view of the museum, the second picture is from SU:MBISORI reflecting water. light, Wind and Sound. When I first walked into this section I was really blown away by the intricate and flowing detail of the piece. It reminds me of a Heman and the Masters of the Universe contraption. The thrid and fourth photo is from the garden rooftop. Jeju is beautiful and to photo seemed opt! In the background you will notice Mt. Hall (the tallest mountain in Korea), and in the sepia colored photo (if looked at closely) you will notice the stone children sitting next to the globe. The last picture is from the seating area.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Past the 6 month mark...and still lovin' it.

This post is reverting back to older posts on the "honeymoon stage," and, well, I'm still in the good! There have been some interesting bumps and bruises along the way but happily content.

Jeju (although I am a city at girl at heart and it can be a bit too chill here) has a lot to offer. It's not an island of tropical weather and clear blue seas; it's not a city with skyscrapers (though there is talk of installing some new buildings of such magnitude) or huge fashion and art districts, but Jeju has it's own sparkle. Music festival, art shows, special events, and chill coffee shops at almost every corner. Not to mention old school history, from a section of untaitned folk homes to breathtaking waterfalls. Jeju holds its own, and undeniably flourishes with the beauty of its nature.

Every now and then I want the fast paced, city life, but it's a short and cheap flight to Seoul!
So CHEERS to Jeju, and the glorious people in it; not to forget the crazy kids in which my life is surrounded by. That last statement has good and not so good tones in it ;).

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!!

It's been a while since I have posted on here and I am sorry for that...

BUT... Happy 4th! There are no fireworks here on Jeju Island, well at least none I 'heard' about (ha), and, well, why would they. July 4th is a American holiday. So to everyone back home, I hope you enjoy the warm weather, glorious picnics, and the sky lighting fireworks; because I sure miss it!!!!

One Love and Independence.

"I believe in America because we have great dreams--and because we have the opportunity to make those dreams come true."
- Wendell L. Wilke

Never stop dreaming; they can lead you on a path yet discovered and into a reality which needs to be understood!