Friday, July 10, 2009

Past the 6 month mark...and still lovin' it.

This post is reverting back to older posts on the "honeymoon stage," and, well, I'm still in the good! There have been some interesting bumps and bruises along the way but happily content.

Jeju (although I am a city at girl at heart and it can be a bit too chill here) has a lot to offer. It's not an island of tropical weather and clear blue seas; it's not a city with skyscrapers (though there is talk of installing some new buildings of such magnitude) or huge fashion and art districts, but Jeju has it's own sparkle. Music festival, art shows, special events, and chill coffee shops at almost every corner. Not to mention old school history, from a section of untaitned folk homes to breathtaking waterfalls. Jeju holds its own, and undeniably flourishes with the beauty of its nature.

Every now and then I want the fast paced, city life, but it's a short and cheap flight to Seoul!
So CHEERS to Jeju, and the glorious people in it; not to forget the crazy kids in which my life is surrounded by. That last statement has good and not so good tones in it ;).

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