Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jeju Museum of Art

It opened June 26th, and a beauty it is. As you walk towards the museum it looks as though it is floating due to the great visual effect of the water. Within the water are art pieces, a tree and rocks covered by with aluminum (if you click on the pictures they will enlarge and you can see the art work more clearly) designed by the artist Seo Sung-bong called "Embracing W01."
Inside has two floors and consists of creative contemporary art exhibitions, fine art sculptures and paintings, a world children's eco art festival work, and an artist by the name of Chang Lee-suok with paintings of an "Artist Being Like The Sea." His paintings consist of rough deep strokes of all colors representing the sea, nature and the Haenyo (women divers who are a famous on the island).
The museum has a coffee shop, with very kind baristas, and a shopping section.
The first picture is a side view of the museum, the second picture is from SU:MBISORI reflecting water. light, Wind and Sound. When I first walked into this section I was really blown away by the intricate and flowing detail of the piece. It reminds me of a Heman and the Masters of the Universe contraption. The thrid and fourth photo is from the garden rooftop. Jeju is beautiful and to photo seemed opt! In the background you will notice Mt. Hall (the tallest mountain in Korea), and in the sepia colored photo (if looked at closely) you will notice the stone children sitting next to the globe. The last picture is from the seating area.

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