Sunday, December 14, 2008

On my way to the market...

Every five days Jeju Island holds a huge market, that sells everything, I mean EVERYTHING! Its packed with people, and filled with everything a vegetarian can thrive on! Hint: I'm a vegetarian, trying to move into a more raw food diet! All the fish, fruit, vegetables, meat, and herbs that are sold here are fresh and organic!

The 1st picture is right when I walked in, the lady was selling all types of fish. Eventhough fish is vast here, this is a huge meat eating island. They specialize in pork, and have a native pig covered in black hair. The meat of this pig is suppose to be fresh, and a couple people told me the pork taste dramatically different from US pork. If you know about factory farms then you know why this statement exist, but I will leave that for another post (I am a HUGE advocate in the demolishing of factory farms)! Needless to say my coworkers were disappointed when I told them I was a vegetarian =).

The 2nd picture is of these glowing silver fish, Juno, my director and fellow teacher tells me they are delicious. Can't wait to try them!
The 3rd picture is of rice cakes, and other natural sweet munchies they have.
The 4th picture is of dduk bok gee, which is a hot and spicy rice cake, and it was sooooooooo good! We were in the process of shopping so we just stopped and ate standing up, and washed the food down with cool barley tea mmmmmmm!

The 5th picture is after our shopping Juno, his two girls Sunny and Ginny, and I sat and ate. That big bowl is my rice noodle vegetable soup, and those 4 small bowls are called kimchi. Kimchi comes with every Korean meal, and is vegetables all seasoned differently; some are hot, spicy, sweet or natural. That's Ginny eating away!

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