Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Steps to Help Find Your Passion!

The Buddhist’s believe that in order to relieve yourself from fear and sorrow you must release passion:

From passion arises sorrow and from passion arises fear. If a man is free from passion, he is free from fear and sorrow.”


Who wants to live without passion?

Passion is what drove Martin Luther King Jr. to help deliver freedom to the people!
Passion is who fought for women rights!
Passion is why you are able to connect to your dreams and makes you feel alive!

You should walk into your fears and use it as drive and direction towards your greatness.
You should accept sorrow and learn from it.
It is not passion or any other quality that causes fear and sorrow; it is people. And it is your duty to use it as a gift, not a vice.

To help reclaim or find your passions, try some of these steps:

1.) Listen and Observe Your Reactions

For a couple of days or a week, try to analyze your feelings towards certain situations. For example, your read a passage in a book and it pops out at you. Why? It may be a trigger to your inner voice. Notice what stimulates you in a passionate way and make a mental note of it.

2.) Write it Down

Make a list of your passions and goals you want to achieve. Make the list thorough. Write down everything that excites you. The list can have 5 to 150 goals; it is whatever you chose! Planting these passions in eye’s view can ignite excitement, passion and action! Small actions can have a surmountable effect.

3.) The Second List

After you have written your goals and feel the passion brewing, continue on to a question list. Ask questions like, whom do you admire or whom do you know that is doing something that you would love to be doing? Why? What is stopping you from doing it? What qualities do you possess that can be beneficial to this? What blockages do you have to stop you from getting there? What can you do to break those blockages and how would breaking them make you feel? If money, time, and energy were not an issue, what would you do in your life and what would you be? What makes you happy? What makes you feel loved? What do you love to do?

Now, answer them! If you come up with more, by all means write them down and answer them. Read it over. Through this list see what your passions and common goals are. Don’t think so hard; just write. Be fluid and let the answers come naturally.

3.) Give it a Try

You don’t always know if something is right or if you like it, until you try it out. Either you try it and want more or try it and chose to move on. The point is to give it a whirl and see if you want to continue. We are consistently changing and sourcing out where your passion lies can be a door opener into your true potential.

4.) Pray or Meditate

This is the time where you get quite and listen to what’s going on—feel what’s going on. Doing pray or meditation delivers a connection with you and your higher spirit. It may not be easy at first but nothing great is accomplished without practice! For prayer focus on a situation, close your eyes and talk either out loud or to yourself. As for meditation, you can focus on the light of a candle or you can count to yourself. This allows for some solid concentration. It may also bring you into a state you have never thought you could go to.

Following your passion will bring you to a place of joy and transport joy to others as well. It takes work to find your passions and takes work to act on them! Keep on going and be resilient. Think about what others have been through and learn to be grateful, even for the fact that you have the eyes to read this blog post! It is not a snap of a finger that gets things done; it is your passion and follow through!

Take care and Live.Connect.Breathe. It!


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