Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello! Hola! An nyoung ha seh yo! <--In Korean! ;)

I have to say, I am very excited about this venture and want to say thank you to all of my people who still follow LCB! Can’t wait to hear from you!

When I decided to stop writing for LCB, it was due to my hectic schedule in Asia and the fact that I was heading back to the states. Back to the good old U.S.A., after being away for two years, was not all it was cracked up to be. However as time, jet lag and aftershock of “am I really back,” started to straighten out, I slowly started to appreciate certain freedoms of the American culture. Choices such as language, mannerisms and diversity were among my many admirations of the US. As for everything else, well that is a whole other blog post!

I have comfortably set myself up in my new humble abode with my baby (not an actual baby, my partner ;), a pretty sleek SUV, and a few new golden jobs in writing and coaching—I feel content. Although there is a slight sentiment that seems to be lurking around and in me. I can’t quite figure it out but I feel as though it may be something big! It will come in its due time, just have to continue with the action! It is all about action friends—each step you take should put you closer to your goals, your dreams and your true purpose! It may not always be easy but it will always have a result. You just need to make sure the result is what you're looking for. Patience is a gift that takes a long time to master, but just like any balancing act, it requires action!

On that note my readers—in a sense, my friends—here is what is going to happen. LCB is a catalyst. It will be a blog for parts of my future books, an advocate for my writing jobs and a speaker on issues relating to nutrition, health, wellness, travel, lifestyle choices and more. A blog for inspirational motivation and of course, a Q&A floor board. So any questions, ask away and if you want to take a closer look at me you can visit my website Live.Connect.Breathe. or email me. Please, by all means, comment on the blog! I would love to hear from you.

Let the journey begin.

With much love,


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Anonymous said...

YES! You are back!