Sunday, January 3, 2010

WOW--Am I really serious?

I have not posted on my blog in about a month and a half, AAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!

Anyone who wants to leave a comment by all means lol.

On that note, I am back again! I left South Korea to visit in the states and now I am back, but truly missing pretty much everything from it. Sigh. I love to travel and I have noticed many things during my time, one of which is how wonderful and free the USA really is. A factor I think all Americans may or may not take for granted. I also love that we have the ability to travel and live in other parts of the world and come back with a pile of interesting facts and pieces and send them off to others as well as getting to remember...

If you can take the moment to remember; it is so intense. To snap an action or feeling, mental or otherwise, and remember it. The feeling of that remembrance is euphoric. It amazes me everyday on the propensity of the human mind body and souls. The capacity in which we lodge is limitless and yet some stay so limited.

It is a New Year! And I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and a fabulous holiday ;).
A NEW YEAR to make dreams happen and goals conquered. To feel and learn. To love and grow.
Spread those wings and your quest...
Live and Believe in your...

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