Sunday, January 31, 2010

Clean Energy Jobs for America

As a supporter of the NRDC, I saw this video on the site and had to post it. Planting faces of celebrities doesn't hurt either in getting the balls rolling, but we as a human race need to protect are planet. Regardless if this has become a "cool" thing--it is the right thing to do. Without the earth every love, worry, hope, or change would be obsolete. And I know some feel the earth will take its course but if we realize how much we have taken from our environment without giving nothing back--it goes without saying the imbalance and death will come faster than it is suppose to.
We drown ourselves in our everyday obsessions and thoughts but we wouldn't have a place to do it if it wasn't for our mother earth. We need to step outside of ourselves and realize how much bigger this world is and what we need to do to make it a better place to live, love, connect and breathe!
Take the time out to fill out your information and send it to your senators. It takes only a few minutes, and then you can send an email to all of your friends to advise them to sign as well.

Click on the title to get to NRDC's website.
Thank you and please leave any comments to let me know you've signed up or on how you feel.


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