Saturday, January 16, 2010

Too funny not to post...

I am sitting in a coffee shop writing and behind me sits two grown men playing music on their phone. While the music plays they sing to almost every song they put on.

If one does decide to move their way out here just be aware that singing and karaoke could be, by far, the most exciting of events for these folks. They thoroughly enjoy the "Naribang" or singing room.

I, on the other hand DO NOT, however, I did get caught singing in my classroom (how deep is your love not by the bee gee's but by the bird and the bee group) when I thought no one was in the hagwon (private, small after school establishment); it made for a big laugh the next day, especially for my sarcastic boss Juno.

Embarrassed wasn't the word but the laugh about it made for a good memory!

The song currently on the play list:

Yup! That is George Michael; I can't help but to post this laughing. Haha, enjoy the video.


Fusion said...

It reminds me of a picture some friends of mine had on their wall and above it was "Jesus or George Michael". Hilarious.

Lori Brown said...


LoveK said...

OMG I love this video--actually right now i have "freedom" on repeat---I wish they had that song in norebangs--it would be so cathartic to wail "FREEDOM" on top of your lungs!!!!
Love K