Saturday, January 9, 2010

Miguel Pinero

My girlfriend, Adriana introduced me to Miguel Pinero just recently, and a lover and writer I am of poetry, spoken word, and soul; I was blown away. She loves him and she knew I would dig it; listening to his words brought me back into my own work to give it the love, passion and attention it so deserves.

Applying to graduate school for writing is a scary thing. Am I good enough; do you know who I am? Is my writing worth it; do people want to hear my words?

These three clips below are of Benjamin Bratt portraying Miguel Pinero in the film Pinero (I am not sure how to put the needed accent on the n but the ~ is suppose to be on top of the n). First clip is "Seeking the Cause." The second clip is him defending his nationality and the coining of "Nuyorican."
Third clip is the infamous "The Lower East Side" poem made with a collaboration of people.

Check it out; it will move you:

DO your research and enliven your soul; learn what this man and the generation within him have created. A passion, a place, a poem.

One love~


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