Friday, January 15, 2010

Help for Haiti

The devasting catastrophe in Haiti can't help but hit a piece of your heart--making you want to help as much as you can.
As I had a short break between teaching my kids, I hopped on CNN to check out updates. When I clicked on a title Voices from Haiti: He wanted to die with his family within seconds of looking at the pictures and reading what is happening and what is being said by the people, an uncontrollable submerge of tears had surfaced. I had to turn it off immediately as to not scare my students.
There are numerous agencies, the military and volunteers heading out, however, those that can not offer their services, like me for example, must know that there are other ways to help. Millions of people have donated and more continue to do so.
Even blog sites like tumblr have bloggers reaching out to other bloggers to get the donations going.
A 7.0 on the scale and thousands or more dead--this could have happened to us or any other country. It is our duty as humans to be compassionate and help those in need, try do your part.
Thank you.

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