Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As I stumbled around trying to find the chord to my new camera so I could upload pictures from the Lunar New Year festivities...

(the pictures will probably get uploaded tomorrow) I couldn't help but to stop and figure something today. I have seen it happen before and commented about it to my boss and fellow teacher but I never wrote it down.

It astounds me how energy can be felt or understood without saying one single word or showing any physical truth.

Kids are so amazing in that way--they have the magic power that most adults crave at a certain age; which they have lost due to the lack of imagination or overall joy for life or--both.

From waking incredibly early on the Lunar New Year day, and being surrounded by a number of little rugrats (the combination was unexciting yet weirdly joyous)--I undoubtedly got sick. An untimely situation also interrupted my working week and although I was dying (me being dramatic), my kids knew it before I even uttered a comment.

Yesterday was blaring obvious I was in no mood for rowdiness but other days, especially today, no one would've even noticed if I was under the weather. My kids saw me--I greeted them with a smile--and with a soft grin they sat and got to studying. Even the bad little suckers sat with diligence and empathy--it is always such a surprise to me and I am appreciative of it.

Perhaps it is them knowing me so well, I have been with them for 14 months now; we all have had one, maybe two birthday's together, holiday celebrations, fun and not so fun times, cries and laughter (yes they cry, some of them are easily rattled by their peers) tests and games, and English slash "Konglish" galore. If it is love, respect or understanding--I am grateful but fully prepared for when the thoughtfulness is over and the shouting begins!

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