Monday, September 28, 2009

Today was an interesting day...

1st class I took the kids outside to teach them some English games and words on the playground; the day was warm with an Indian summer air, and we had so much fun.

2nd class my favorite student (I am her absolute favorite teacher;) shows me her sticker collection; opens to the first page and BAM pot leaf stickers in red. I was hysterical.

3rd class we played bingo, and I got yelled at the whole time hahaha. "Teacher, Lori, Baleeeeee!" Bale, (I'm not sure if this is the correct spelling) bah-lee is the pronunciation, means to hurry up. This was hysterical I drove them crazy with my slowness, and also got the English version, "HURRY UP!!!"

4th class. I had two student's that got 73's on their English weekly test; while the rest off us enjoyed game time (scrabble) they sat at the end doing grammar and writing work. They said they were sorry, but those are the rules. 79 and below NO GAME!!!

5th class. The NO GAME happened to a few students but one particular student decided to show me a new phrase she learned from school: FUCK YOU was written on her notebook with a heart next to it. I almost keeled over; however, this is my 11 year old and she insisted that she had no idea what it meant only that is was bad. YEAH right she knew. BUT can you believe it, crazy kids. This class by the way, F6, are only one of my crazy group of kids, there are more!

6th class. My higher up class, half of them did not study, thus accumulating 60's and 65's on their test. I almost killed them; however the torture for them will start next class. Work, work, work. Only two of them (only eight kids) did amazing; 85 and a 90. Good job!

Our kids are overall truly wonderful kids, but as a teacher you feel ultimately responsible and sad when they do not do their best. At first you think it is a reflection of you as a teacher, but when it comes down to it sometimes kids just DO NOT want to study. Not mention their in school all day and all night studying for every single subject known to man, intensely. After the weekly test are over me, the other teachers and the owners sit around and discuss everything (we do this almost every night). We laugh, we cringe, but in the scheme of things we realize there are good days and bad days. Good students and not so good students. If anyone does choose to go into this field just remember you cannot do everything, and even though you want the absolute best for your kids understand that not everyday is perfect. Try not to stress or pull your hair out (of course this may happen if you are stuck in an awful situation at the workplace, in which it would be best to disperse) just take the good with the bad. It is all about balance in this field, and in any other aspect of your life. Also if you do want to get into this job, please be an understanding person. You are entering a different culture and pretty much a different world from yours. It is not always easy, but you are coming to their country and getting with their money, you are no better or greater than they. Oh, and actually want to teach and make it fun. Yes you have good and bad days, but don't take it as a joke. A year to be with kids is a very long time; they grow on you and you grow on them. Do not think of it as an easy job and quick money because you will be rudely mistaken. It is a job, a tedious one, and if you do not love it you will hate it and take it out on the work and the kids. I have been blessed with wonderful bosses who are like my family now, and kids that love me and I love them. Think wisely before entering, and find as many teachers as possible to chat with; preferably not the ones that have their bosses standing over them while you are talking ;).

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