Thursday, September 10, 2009

Outside of Jeju:Coffee Smith

When my friend told me he was taking me too a big and crowded coffee shop I was not at all excited. I thought perhaps it would be covered with foreigners, and have little aesthetically pleasing quirks; which I love finding in new places, especially coffee shops!
As we strolled the street of Garousil in Gangnam-gu, my eyes lit up with astonishment. Coffee Smith was nothing like I expected. Japanese designed--a massive open area, that had a distinct feel of an artist or architects studio; metal and wood beams, stone interior, complemented by two floors of lazing people enjoying their conversations and coffees.
We sat in the front on the first floor, and the availability for people watching fit my mood to the T.
Café Americano please!
The smooth breeze laid out a perfect vibe for the day, and allowed me to sit back and think "wow, I am really in South Korea." A feeling that sometimes passes you by do to your hectic days filled with hollering kids and deadlines; I was grateful for the occasion of aide memoire.

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