Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oooooo. U-do.

U-do is a small island off of Jeju, and jumping on a quick and sweet ferry ride will get you there.

Click on the photo to see the boat, and my big butt (haha) enlarged :) Oh, this boat wasn't our ferry but we had no time to shoot our actually ferry before we got on bc we had to run to it; however, I liked the color of this one better.

Let's go to Udo.

Click on the photo to enlarge; it's a beauty.

Click on the photos for a close up; I had to snap a bunch but these came out the best for the camera I had. Butterflies were everywhere!

Honestly, I almost killed us on this thing, but after a few laps it was a breeze. Woo Hoo.

Picture above this one, notice I was uncomfortable (almost killed us a couple of times), and this picture I got it!

Had to make the footprints.

It is a romantic little island too.

Our homemade gimbap; and a little homeless white dog that followed us everywhere!

Relaxing; waiting for the ferry.

The sunset; we waited at this bus stop for appro. 3 hours only to figure out there were no pickup buses on Sunday's from Udo.

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