Monday, September 28, 2009

Piece of art and some words...

I feel this piece. I think it captures the duality between two souls.
We always want to have and find true love, but it is not always what we expect. When you arrive in love with another soul, you both, individually, come with past lives, issues, passion and aspirations. Which makes the love, conflict or pain seem, at times, unbearable. We come to think maybe we weren’t meant for eachother or maybe we are but we cannot handle it. Or perhaps, through decades of existence we have yet to find the true way to love. Maybe it is simple or maybe it isn’t, but it’s love. So to all the fiery souls and all the twisted head issue peeps; a piece of art to combine the moment.
The best way to live is to not deny yourself of who you really. Life is not just about finding yourself its about creating yourself. Love.

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Erica said...

HI Lori...I love this piece and want to find some information on where to find it and how to purchase. Can you help me out? Thanks!!