Sunday, November 1, 2009

Extremely Late: Seoul Fashion Week 2010

I know I is awful and I have been neglectful of my blog, or have you my blogs. SO in any rate, besides my writing block that lingers like my shadow, here are some late photos of fashion week in Seoul. The camera that I had to loan, because I cannot find the one I want here, was not very kind with me, hence my the photos not being ideal nor having a plethora of them. Luckily my dear friend who accompanied me had her camera; however, I have not being able to get them yet. So, basically a rough draft is being poured out to you but you will get the overall drift; tons of people, new garbs, discrepancies of originality and so on. Also to point out, I only attended two days out of the week; the first day was great the second was interesting but I bit dry in the fashion sense. Nothing was extremely captivating accept for a designer whom I took a keen liking, her name is hana.h. Her looks were tailored beautifully and her pieces were interestingly structured. Some pieces draped the body and others wrapped it tight; they were all white to cream with sections of sheers revealing the exquisiteness of the woman body. I do not have photos of her line for i was watching to closely but my friend does!

One "white" girl in the show.

Click on all the photos to enlarge; Resurrection, is this designer and overall a good show!

Her hair!

Me trying to model; however, I look like that teenager that still carries the kit-n-caboodle set and, honestly, I almost fell in the water.

There were so many people, and to wait in line for the doors to open in order to get the closes seats possible was ridiculous. My feet hurt so bad from standing we finally gave up in the waiting in line bit and still got good seats!!! I should have done more research to get better hooked up...damn the VIP's.

Minus the head, the shot just captivated some of the people there and those lights made the room so hot it was nauseating.

Seoul's Fashion Week is nothing like New York's or Paris but no one is asking it to be. It was a great experience and in time Seoul will be an "IT" fashion capitol; if not already. Many people traveled from different countries to check it out and Seoul continues to plant its roots in the fashion world.

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LOVE IT-every time i look at your blog there is always something fantastic to see and read-keep it up!
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