Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let's Talk About A Lot

There has been some unwavering evolving's going on in the world and within me. Between poignant changes in society, new movements for friends and family, to right down in my very own soul the developments have been like a Lego construction; connecting one inevitable piece to another. And at the route of it all we are all connected. Each one of us effects the rest of the world and those in it.

We have made steps to more equality, to more love and more unity. The walls of constraint, prejudices, jealousies and so on have yet to be completely deconstructed but its the trust and faith we must hold on to. We can foster a better world; within ourselves and for others.

We should never stop being who we are, and believe in what we feel. Allow love and God to enter into your life. You just need to trust because it is the core in every relationship. And I am not speaking of religion when I say God, for religion has hurt everyone, I am speaking of trust and love. Whatever your spirituality maybe, stay connected, live with compassion, and breathe with love. Religion has caused many furies and in time those who don't see will.

A big movement, that has personally touched me, is happening below please take your time to watch this clip:

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