Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drunken Tiger

One of his newest videos out; Drunken Tiger IS Korean Hip Hop, and I got to be honest it is a bit more refreshing than Korean Pop Music. There is only so many times we can hear Lollipop, and the numerous K-pop boy and girl bands, well, I just cannot tell them apart.

Drunken Tiger sings in both Korean and English; both are good. Type casting him doesn't seem to fit so take a listen and let me know if you'd like.



Andries Heyns said...

I haven't heard lollipop for about two months now, get with the times chica! :P

Lori Brown said...

haha yes but you are forgetting that my name is Lori and that is swithced with Lolli, hence the constant signing of Lollipop.