Saturday, August 8, 2009

the connection with people, places, and things

...I wonder how times of minutes drop by
When my thoughts go out to you...

This picture was taken during my one of two backpacking trips to Europe. A sculptor in work of rememberance, Salamanca, Spain.

I just had a wonderful conversation, with an old friend, who I haven't spoken to in a while.

And I was just thinking of the connections we make with people, places and things in our lifetimes {I say it with an 's" b/c I believe in past lives, that carry over to us in this life, thus accumulating to our 'now' lifetime of who we are and what we want to be} that give prevalence to our very making. Connections never seem to die, they live immortal, with continous effects on us and everyone and everything we do, make, meet, think about, and remember. The intensity and propensity, when we sit back and recollect, seems so prolific.

Below, is a memory of mine capsulated in a short recording, while I was in Madrid. I attended a Flamenco show in the back of a restaurant called Casa Patas. Their Flamenco show is, literally, known as one of the best in Madrid. They have shows Monday through Thursday, and the restaurant has homemade desserts, and array of meat, ham and cheese dishes.

The reason for my posting, and reverting back to this moment, is due to the automatic feeling I had of rememberance while writing. It was so intense, and magical I sobbed through the whole show. I was so taken by the music, passion and dancers that I felt my soul was spread throughout the whole room, and everyone there, at that occasion, foreigner or Spaniard, were all connected.


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