Thursday, August 6, 2009

the breaths of summer storms

On Jeju, northwest side, the winds are running a muck of joy, liberation, coolness, and strength.
With her occassional flurries of rain; leaving thoughts of whether or not to bring the yellow umbrella for my day, I am enchanted by her breaths.
Makes me stop in my tracks, at moments, and close my eyes to become of apart of her life.
I feel like I can fly, when I am standing still.
She amazes me, yes I say she.
I can feel the woman presence of her, with her tempremants and joy she seems one with any creed; so I choose my own.
August in month and instead of warm, heated days, she bleeds us with indian summer, and spring rains; in and outs of passions with muggy heat.
She intrigues me; some are bored, others are occupied, and I am enthralled.
Seems she lets you dream how you interpret and perceive.
Leaving it up to you on how you subsit on her part of earth.
The smell of her breathe brings mixed rememberances and sentiments.
Brooding over past, present, and future happenings.

Instead I make myself an espresso, lited by a cigarette, and let her become my muse.


Anonymous said...

beautifully worded. An excellent post.

Lori Brown said...

thank you.