Saturday, April 11, 2009

My favorite class...

Haha aahhhh this is my favorite class, and my smallest!!!

Mason, who is my favorite student, is the one in the video about to throw the "hockey puck."

I created a "hockey game" game, since I have two long tables in my classroom, I use them as the ice rink. There is one group of kids on one end and the other group opposite; we use a soft bended tape as the puck so no one gets hurt. My kids loooooooooooove this game, and I join in on the festivities as one of the teams goaly (they fight for me to be on their team lol). In the game the students learn the phrases hands up, hands down, blocking, move away, ready set go, and so on. The game happens after a hefty amount of studying, or sometimes I do the game before work time as to pump them and then they stay quiet during classroom hours.

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