Sunday, April 26, 2009


Days are getting warmer on the island, and peace seems to be in the wind.
The island is inspirational, and so are the people in it.
I learn something new everyday.
I find something new everyday.
And I feel something new everyday.
I have been blessed, and though not everyday is perfect; through that imperfection comes new meaning. I realize that it is all about growing and learning.
Some painful things have happened back home for me, but all is ok, and I understand why (this took time of course). Like a fellow expat told me on the island and as the true saying goes, "time heals all wounds," and so it has.
Weakness, pain, and its memories are not deficits, but the facilitator to our strengths, bliss and insights.
Everyday seems to help me believe. Whether it be one of my students trying to have a full blown conversation with me because they want to speak to me in English lol, or the way my bosses and my kids have become like a family to me, or the days I sit on the top of the slide (my favorite spot to gaze out onto the island haha I live in a kiddie town) and just be; I look over at Jeju's beautiful scenery. Or the days I explore and see more amazement and intrigue, when I met someone new, or even those lonnnnng days where I just want to pass out; as I digest it all everyday. There is not a single moment of anyday that I am not grateful. That I do not sit back and take a mental picture and say thank you.
Everyday we must breathe, everyday we must be grateful, and everyday we must believe.
When we have followed our truest happiness, our truest selves; been in service to our inner and, equally as important, our outer world, then you will feel the balance.
Know that love is not a dream, a fantasy, a hope or a person. It's not on the left or right side of you, or always seems to pass you by. Love is you. It lives in you, and once you accept all of which you are; the good and the bad, you will feel it and see it. And be able to give it to others fully, without losing yourself in it or losing yourself without it.
Let yourself LIVE...

"Another day...just believe; another day...just breathe."



JM Lovely said...

I love this.

Lori Brown said...

Thank you.

LoveK said...

Hey Lori,
I just want to say that I really love your blog, now that I am back in Canada and having serious Jeju Withdrawal it always brings me back to the beautiful island-so thanks.
I also wanted to ask you whether I could quote this post on my own blog-I would of course give you full credit and post your blog address on my own. Let me know. If not no worries, it just really touched me and I would love to share it with my own blog "followers".
Love K

Lori Brown said...

Thank you, and of course you can! Spread the words...
And yeah I am only 6 months in and can't even think about leaving lol.
Take good care and I look forward to seeing my words on your blog!