Monday, January 5, 2009

Pizza Hut

I went out with some of my Korean girlfriends, and before we started our day eating was the first thing on our list. They turned around to me and asked "What would you like to eat, pizza or spaghetti?" Pizza being one of my FAVORITE foods in the world it was obvious to me what my choice would be..."Pizza!"
So the girls take me to Pizza Hut, a place in the states where I would never step into nonetheless correlate with good pizza, but... I didn't know this is where they were taking me until I approached the door.
I walk into see a very clean, and updated Pizza Hut (pic 1), this didn't suprise me to much because it seems everywhere else in the world has five star fast food places i.e. McDonalds in Spain, whereas the ones in the states, well, are just gross; but what did surprise me was the selection of the salad bar and the actual pizza.
Salad Bar: jello, fruit loops (?) sweet and pumpkin mashed potatoes, canned peaches, nuts, nachos, nacho cheese, very little salad, lychee fruit, and dressings.
Pizza: pizza 1) "the supreme" cheese, sweet potato spread (the yellow color near the crust) onions, black olives, red and green peppers, mayonaise drizzling. pizza 2) "potato" sweet potato spread, cheese, green pepper, seasoned white potato, and mayonaise drizzle.
I saw the food and knew there would be some stomach problems afterwards, but I got down anyway. To my surprise, it was pretty good!
I most likely won't head back again, but the experience was, uh, interesting.

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