Monday, January 5, 2009

Delivery Service!

So, you can order a full meal here for about 5 thousand won, i.e. approximately 4.50 us dollars, and get it in about 10 minutes or less.

To top it off, they send the food in actual plates, and when you are done eating they come back to get the dishes! You can leave it out in the hallway, like I did (I needed to sleep), or wait until they knock on your door to pick them up.

I gotta admit, I was shocked...


KPRROK said...

5 million KRW is a pretty expensive meal! That's about $4,000 US! I think you meant 5,000 KRW, which is pretty standard for a delivered meal. But yeah, the food service is great for us, but I feel for the people who ride the scooters in all weather just so I can have cheap meals.

Lori Brown said...

haha oooooooo thanks for noticing that, just changed it!