Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Bend, Lift, Fly

For those of you who asked, y

I snagged this photo on ilovewildfox.com, however it is a tumblr recycle as well!

For me, this photo generates freedom with restriction. Does everything need to go hand in hand?  The balance? 

The pic has given me the inspiration to write this blog post.

As a past dancer and best friend to the magnificent Miss Michelle Natalino who runs the amazing performing art Studio BE school and is also the best performing arts teacher/choreographer in life ;), my metaphor to bend, lift and fly reminds me of her:


Why is it so hard to bend to your dreams or goals, and yet so easy to let yourself fall in depression or guilt? There are tons of books, doctors and spiritualists that have a number of answers for you, including your friends and family. However, it is YOU that needs to bend to your true hearts calling and bend to what makes you happy. I could be having a legitimate conversation with my best friend and she can be choreographing a dance in her head. Finally shouting out, "Look at this!" Her dream is apart of her very being without question. It is so innate in her, it is almost magical to be around! She could have bended to everyone else's whim but instead she stopped, focused and now (as she always knew) is a teacher. An inspirational guide to her lovely and amazingly talented dancers and artists who are allowed to BE themselves and dance, sing, and perform their heart's out! She has given a gift to the world and the world has given the gift right back to her.

See, when you bend to your dreams and true happiness you give a gift to the world that allows others to bend to their dreams! You can BE who you want to be!

Lift your dreams to your mind. You have more control of your life and outcomes than you think. You may or may not need to share it with people, but they need to be very aware to you!

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

~Martin Luther King Jr.

Flying is a metaphor for the magic in action!!! We can bend to the wills or not, we can lift so high it seems unreachable but without flying--action--there would be no result.

Let your dream soar to others and the universe, doing this will help make your dreams and goals bigger. Action is listening to the signs, whether it be internal or external. It could be a person popping into your life, or a random word on a sign, or a thought you come up with. Put the work in and you will reach your goal. The universe will conspire to your wants. "What we think about, we bring about," from the Law of Attraction.

And it is true!

So my dears, Live.Connect.Breathe It! Always remember who you want to be and never give up!
Miss Michelle Natalino got what she wanted and now it's your turn ;).

With Love,



777 said...

You're SO missed!!

But, continue to bend, lift & fly!


Lori C. Brown, CHHC said...

Thank you! ;)