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How to Lose Weight and Look Fantastic

How to Lose Weight and Look Fantastic
How to Lose Weight and Look Fantastic


Losing weight and feeling fantastic may go hand in hand, but it is about your dedication and the gratitude you give to yourself. Modifying your diet and exercise, and sticking to your goals can help you reach your desired outcome. "You're not perfect, but you're perfectly good enough," says Dr. Christopher Ebbe, author of "How to Feel Good About Yourself: The 12 Steps to Positive Self Esteem." Do what is truly best for you and treat yourself well, notes Ebbe.


Step 1

Do 20 to 60 minutes of cardiovascular exercises such as running, walking, swimming, jumping rope and jumping jacks. Exercise three to five times a week and increase your pace and time with each workout.

Step 2

Do interval, or Tabata, exercises. You will need to give your full intensity during the workout, followed by a resting period in between. These exercises range from 4 to 25 minutes in length and can be done three to five days a week. These types of workouts speed up your metabolism and keep it working up to 36 hours after your workout due to the intensity.

Step 3
Do 20 to 60 minutes of strength-building exercises that involve using every muscle in your body. Use 10 to 30 lb. weights or higher, due to your physical capability. Do combination workouts such as a hang clean, push press and front squat. Doing these exercises helps burn a ton of fat.

Step 4

Do push-ups, squats and lunges. You do not need to use any weights, and they are still a part of the strength training exercise group. They accelerate your heart rate by using your own body weight to perform them. More muscle helps burn more fat.

Step 5

Build your self-esteem. Set goals for yourself and achieve them. Do affirmations and take time out for yourself. Love and respect yourself. Read positive quotes, watch a great movie or participate in a family or friend event that will make you feel great.

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