Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Two quickies...

Work has been hectic and crazy. Having to do around 170 report cards for students, testing, switching levels, new books, and placing new students--it has been nuts. And now just a bit settled, I am currently in a sad state because my co-worker, who has become one of my favorite people on the island, has to move to back to Busan (off the island; lower mainland of South Korea) with her family to help her father with his new pension for travelers. Sigh. So it's been dinners and brunches, and of course settling in the new teacher to replace her. Another sigh.

So, here are a few quickies I wanted to post until the weekend when I will have more free time:

Number one they found WATER on the moon--CRAZY! Read the full story here-->Eeeck!

Second, I am loving Reed Krakoff's new line (I had a distinct feeling wide-legs were coming back, rocked my first pair the other day)! It reminds me of old school Meg Ryan (before the plastic surgery) and I just dig that style in general. My style changes with my mood, and this brings comfort to mind , which I like. These pieces work well for the transition into spring especially on this widely changing weather on the island BUT this line is meant for the upcoming fall. And just as The Sartorialist said, Mr. Krakoff hit that sweet spot of design that is just aspirational enough while still being something that you can imagine in your everyday life. Sometimes creating desire can be so simple....just give us what we want, just slightly better than we could have imagined ourself. That is what this collection seems like to me.

Photos from The Sartorialist

Off to work now--I hope everyone has a lovely day!


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