Monday, March 16, 2009

Salsa in Jeju, and the party afterwards!

Yes, they have Salsa here (Jeju Salsa Dance Academy)! There were no foreigner's; (there is a foreigner meetup for salsa and spanish classes *rhymeswithjeju yahoo group*) I was the only one, needless to say it was interesting. I had a blast!

Salsa, no matter where you are in the world, brings vibrancy, laughter, sexiness and connects all people of any culture!


Demetrius said...

hi, My name is Demetrius. I am visiting Jeju and would like to know where the salsa clubs are. I am staying downtown, near city hall. I heard there is dancing at salsa bar habana on wednesdays. ?can someone give me directions from the ramada hotel? 010-7222-4779

Demetrius said...

Salsa in Jeju? Where? Im here, at the Ramada. Directions please. :o) 010-7222-4779